What I learned flashing an EEPROM


I used to travel with two laptops, a gaming laptop and a macbook for work on the go. I couldn’t carry a single laptop for both tasks in the past because I needed 4k for design work and a fast refresh rate display for smooth gaming. I recently upgraded to a Razer Blade Pro 17 2020 to fulfill this goal, it boasts a 4k 120hz OLED Touch Display. I needed some BIOS configurations to make it work for my usecase. The BIOS came locked on this machine by the manufacturer so I had to reflash the BIOS with a hardware programmer.

What I used:

I used a CH341A USB programmer on Windows paired with ASProgrammer. Instead of desoldering the BIOS from the Laptop Mobo and resoldering it on the programmer and back, I used the SOIC8 SOP8 Test Clip. You may want to order more than one as the first one I tried turned out to be faulty.

What I learned from this experience: